Jin Cho Youn
All in a Spin

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A Clay figure performs awkwardly, restrained by the limitations of its form, till it stretches and melts merging with its surroundings. A digitally animated movement that fruitlessly tries to echo clay, stopmotion and finally embraces the digital as a means to echo its material, fluid and malleable state. The soundtrack is the displaced mechanical sound of a steam pump. The romance of the setting is humorously set against the awkwardness of the performance and the impossibility of ‘being’. In the end the only solution is to succumb to its true material state, a series of pixels pretending to be clay. 
Here the piece is projected onto a variety of structures, Step Ladder, Cardboard, and Clay. The breaking up of the form leads to further displacement and awkwardness of movement. The use of wet clay as a projection screen within the ladder adds agency to the material fluctuation. The shadow of the Ladder and the rope holding it together echo structures found on a beach, further playing with the relationship to the real.