Jin Cho Youn

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Roundabout was one of three participatory pieces I made as part of LUPA Fete. It is a portable roundabout made from Webbing and Rope that takes form when participants climb into it. It can be used by 2-8 people and relies on a certain amount of self-propulsion, balance, cooperation & trust of other participants. It is very much an experiment. In previous pieces I have made animations in which many of the objects spin and turn; this piece was made to echo such movement whilst also acknowledging the site and nature of the event.  
The movement and interactive nature of the piece also echos previous work that invited participation, such as the audience interactive stamp drawings.

The film seen here is a compilation of some of the 'roundabouts' made during the Fete

LUPA or Lock Up Performance Art hosted contemporary arts shows once a month for two years in a 'pop-up' garage venue in Bethnal Green. For the Fete the collective took over a good deal of the Approach Estate (the garage is situated behind James Campbell House).The fete spread from the garage to the carpark, through the play area and into the allotments.