Jin Cho Youn
Going Nowhere Just for Show

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A series of animations were made in response to a specific site, a design agency office. The piece responds both to the architecture, interior design and the 'hot-desk' use of the site. An elaborately designed space has in one corner something that is clearly the left over of a previous incarnation of the site, a staircase leading nowhere. The animations see a wrought iron spindle work its way free and travel around the room through a series of other animations, 4 of which further reference the space whilst the 5th ‘Two Pins’ is a distinct piece that is also visited by the spindle on its journey around the room. Only three of these films had sound, and as you walked around the space trying to find where the spindle would appear next, the sounds would merge and either fade or be very present depending on where you were standing or the stage of the animation. The combined film seen here merges together 4 of the animations. The individual animations can also be seen on this page as can photos of the site with the small screens that the animations were seen on visible but integrated within the objects and furniture of the space.
The piece is supposed to be somewhat absurd and impossible to pin down.