Jin Cho Youn
Going Nowhere & Building - Stage Two

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‘Going Nowhere and Building’  is an animated film the form of which is realized through projection. Clay forms and drawings are given a sense of agency through subtle movement. The seemingly nonsensical remnants of the discarded and overlooked come together ‘for the moment’ as if the objects themselves were directing their own performance. The tenuous choreographies are underscored through their projection on transient structures such as cardboard, paper, clay, and wood, the forms of which were constructed on site, in this instance a disused photographic darkroom.
The sound, the clunky mechanical rhythm and eerie laughter, is the displaced sound of two actors spinning around on a stage. As the title suggests the piece is ongoing, there is no narrative beyond the individual performances of the shapes and as new Clay forms and drawings are made in response to found and misplaced fragments so they too will be animated and added to the ongoing performance. Only the singular mechanized odd ‘head’ remains, locked into a repetitive nodding that is both humorous and a little disturbing in its awkward restraint.