Jin Cho Youn
They Do Not Move

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Compilation film recording an installation/event made as a result of a residency with Theatre Director Belinda Wild as part of Acts Re-Acts, Wimbledon Space‘s festival of performance in Spring 2014 .

The residency was an experiment in responding to each other’s practices. Taking some of the ideas in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot as a starting point, we explored the mutual registers and common threads of our work and developed a series of actions and reactions both to the space and each other.

I initially set up an installation, which Belinda (working with students) translated into actions, which I then incorporated back into the installation.

The gallery was transformed into an animated stage, with layers of performances mixing the constructed animation and the recorded and live actions of performers in the space.

The work evolved over time and resulted in a live/immersive event with performers and audience members moving through the installation together, creating a kind of animated theatre in the round. The spoken text were the 'hidden' stage instructions at the end of the play reduced to series of actions that had directed the actions of both the performers and the animation.

The Clay ‘character’ of the animation, spot-lit on the floor is part of the ongoing piece
Going Nowhere and Building.