Jin Cho Youn

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One of three pieces I made as part of the Farringdon factory, a month long residency, in 2013 during which the artists involved had unlimited access to a huge disused office space in Farringdon. This film shows the piece on site both from inside and outside the building. Turnagain is a very straightforward response to the fabric of the building and the context of the site being used as a place for moving image ( the ground floor of the building was turned into a Cinema throughout the residency).

The film is made using two forms found in the building, which when photographed appeared a little like an old movie camera. The simple irregular turning of the forms when animated became a self contained action which when projected on site drew attention to the shapes and forms of the building in a sculptural way whilst also becoming a motif for the cinema in which it was shown. The other pieces made in response to this site were 'PO_go' and 'Up & Down & Round About.