Jin Cho Youn
Going Nowhere & Building - Characters
Clay Shapes

‘Going Nowhere and Building’  is an ongoing piece which has been staged twice so far and will go on being added to over time. In this piece I approach animation as an improvisational and impromptu medium, using low-fi footage to imbue clay forms and drawings with a sense of agency through subtle movement; seemingly nonsensical remnants of the discarded and overlooked come together ‘for the moment’, as if the objects themselves were directing their own performance. The soundtrack, with its clunky mechanical rhythm and eerie laughter, is the displaced sound of two actors spinning around on a stage.
As with theatre the stage sets change in relation to performance and site and as such this piece is projected onto transient structures, up to now these have included clay, wood, cardboard and paper but the choice of structure and materials used will always respond to site.
In the first staging many of the Clay ‘characters’ were displayed in the same space, in the second one character was shown under a Spotlight further echoing the theatrical nature of the work.