Jin Cho Youn
Kinder Stamp Piece
Stamp piece

This piece is a continuation of a series of pieces that have been made using rubber stamps as drawing tools. (See Transformer, Ganglion, Touch, Palimpsest and Mantle) This piece refers to the Kinder Toy which is generally a modular object, made in multiple that has the duality of being a desired yet throw away object. It appeals to both the child and adult and has inherent in it
many different issues of repetition and transformation. The multi-coloured ink pad allows for a different colour to be used at various intervals with the other colours being covered up to avoid muddying the ink. The piece is still being worked on with new stamps being added as new shapes arise. The piece is shown with a series of events allowing the audience to ‘draw’ with the stamps. As with the previous stamp drawings the image develops and alters throughout the length of the installation.