Jin Cho Youn
Grandma's House

Grandma’s House was made during a residency at ‘Elsewhere’ ( 2007) . Elsewhere is a ‘Living museum’ made up of a vast collection of diverse objects housed in a Warehouse that had been a thrift store.  Artists, writers, musicians, film makers etc are invited to work with and within what is an evolving environment responding both to the collection and the work of other collaborators.

The title of the work comes from a page in a book found in the collection but also references the fact that the ‘Museum‘ was set up by the Grandson of the woman who ran the Thrift store and had collected all the objects within.

Through an archiving process the museum had begun to group much of the collection into specific areas, I decided to focus on the overlooked and non-specific. The photographs reference many details in the building, including spaces, objects and images that were lost in the mass; a trace of an unidentifiable fragment was cut into these creating layers in which we can never experience the whole, creating a sort of ‘palimpsest’ that echo’s the experience and life of the ‘Living museum’.  The photographs were placed in a box that could be found by visitors to the space, looking through these layers they could experience in miniscule detail a construction of the impossibility of finding logic and coherence within the ‘museum’.

This piece is one of three made in response to and for the site. The other pieces are Swing and Small World swing. All three were sited near each other in the building.